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Security is a very important thing to consider.  You have a business and you really do not want the world to know your business activities, do you?  In order to minimize the security risk to your self and your customer you will need to learn more about the process.  There are a number of ideas, some that work well and others that do not work so well.  

REMEMBER!!  When you allow John Q Public to access your booking program from internet, you have just taken a quantum leap into the internet jungle.  In a perfect world it is a wonderful procedure, but this world is not perfect.  The issue of security becomes very important.  Unless you operate your own server for your customers to  access, you will be relying on a web host.  You have no real idea of how secure your web host servers are.  You hear of companies loosing customer and credit numbers, etc. several times each year.  It is BIG business to the hackers and thieves.

Security is a process and begins with planning.  You need to determine where you want your machine, what data do you store, how do your store the data, and the employees that have access to the information.  Then if your are connected to the internet, how are you secured against intrusion?  Do you use a web host for your important information?  If you do use a web host, how well secured is that host against intrusion?  As you already know, there are many threats, just look at the files your anti-virus scans.  If you can receive virus on your personal machine, the same is true for the web host.


There are many good web sites that will help you learn more about the Security Process.  There are companies that specialize in that process.  As a business owner or CEO it is your responsibility to at least learn the basics of the security process. One good site that will give you good information is https://www.grc.com.  The learning curve on Computer Security does tend to be steep.  However,  the basics are easily understood.


I shop on the web, but I never enter my credit card to purchase on the web.  I will call the company via land line and order that way.  I do not use cell phone to order from a company because the security problems connected with cell phones and people intercepting the call.


Security is very major item on my list to plan.  I have developed the Wharf Rat Software System with security in mind.  I believe the most secure way to deploy the system is from your server in your office.  In your office you have control of the environment.  You can connect to the server with the proper server software from any where there is an internet connection securely thru VPN encrypted tunnels.  The Government and other major companies do it all the time.  This configuration may cost  a bit more but the payoff is much better security of your important information, which in the wrong hands could be devastating to your business.


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