Flexibility is an important function of any software.  You need to be able to use the product for your business without having to purchase a group of other products in order to get what you need.  Also the product should perform as described to you by the company offering the product. 


In the Charter and Tour industry you are aware that there are many different scenarios that can arise out of a charter or tour reservation.  I have available several different versions that will accomplish these variations.  The demo which you will find on this site is designed for the fishing charter business and operates the different variations which normally occur in that business.  You do not have to work with the charters in one set way, however, you do need to manipulate the data so you can work the charter configuration you desire.


This application is very flexible.  I use it myself for the Wharf Rat Software Systems.  I can track my deposits, receivables, and know what services I have performed for each client.  You can also use it for limited amount of merchandise, like t-shirts, hats, fishing licenses, etc.


Keep in mind that anything you enter into the program there will be a report somewhere that will track it. 


The Sales Tax function can be setup in various ways to accommodate many different tax structures.  The Kenai borough is a very complicated structure, with a cap, bed tax, and different city sales taxes combined.  If your sales tax changes it is easily updated. Keep in mind that i will code the sales tax function for your area. 


With different versions I can expand the application to work with B&B lodging, RV parks, Camp grounds, Rentals, etc.  This application is very flexible and powerful.  I have invested thousands of hours and dollars to insure it to works.


This application will also work with multiple companies.  One of my clients has three charter related business and it will track each companyŕ­Żnies accurately.  The same client also has connected the separate offices remotely to the main server so everyone was working from the same database.