Greensburg Tornado 2007


My Neighborhood before this winter.

Neighborhood Now 5-23-07

The Construction Boss



After Boss speaks, work happens . This was the beginning of the repair.

8-16-07  A good day.  Roof was nailed on to house.  Looks like house again.

New felt for roof.  Shingles not far behind.  :) Want to thank the Mennonite Disaster Service for the help they have provided in the repair of Mom's house. 

NoTarps!!!!  Was Wonderful Day :)   Shingles not far behind :)

Looky!!! Shingles 09/26/07  have 3 faces of roof shingled. One more to go :) Had help on this one from one of my neighbors and family.

Finally!!!! Have roof compleated, And it does not Leak :)

Widows arrived for front and north side of house...not like cave inside now :)

Finally!!! Siding...Refasten every plank in subsiding...tar paper all way around...1" rigid foam insulation....Hardy Plank siding....The Bad Wolf will have to HUFF & PUFF harder than last time to blow house down... :)  I have added extra sheer bracing into the walls....all corners and ridges of roof have metal covering with lots of nails to resist separation.....7/16 OSB has been added to inside of outer walls on the inside.....the outside is covered with 3/4 OSB  with nail spacing required by code.... Roof and ceiling structures have added metal strapping to resist movement....All house systems have been working well for past several months...Also ready for the Boss ( Mom ) to return home :)   She was 96 in August...I am going to just clean up the ceiling fan and leave it in place, it is the only ceiling fan I know of that has withstood a EF5 Tornado and is still in one piece and works.... :)  It does have a lot of dirt inside of it though, but winds at over 200 knots will drive dirt and mud into any crack......Have about 60% of the house repainted inside....currently working on the living room applying the sheet rock....

WOW!!!!  Paint on outside of house.  looks like house again :) .  This pic was taken May 4, 2008 one year after everything turned upside down in 15 minutes.  Mom is back home now and is happy.  She will turn 97 in August. Still have to finish up inside but am progressing.

The original windows were constructed 50 years ago so everything now has to be custom.  I plan to trim windows as pictured.  It took me longer to create the trim than I figured, but that's ok  :)

Have lousy house keeper....This is living room...Measured for new high tech windows so will look better soon.  :)

Living room finished and some of the furniture refinished. Looks much better now :)

Next door neighbor to north.

The after pictures which are seen here do not really show the real feel.  It is really worse than what you see.  I can see what is left of the High School from my house and that is across town a dozen blocks.  There is nothing left but rubble.  I am very thankful for the wonderful hearts of Americans who are helping us rebuild.  Greensburg has a wonderful opportunity to rebuild for the 21 Century.  Each of you who have helped in any way small or large has had a hand in that effort.  To you I humbly extend my thanks. May God Bless you as you have blessed us.