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The Author Wharf Rat Management System knows the charter and tour business well.  The system is designed to manage the operations and scenarios which occur in these business.  The system does not require a mountain of training time to operate and therefore reduces cost of training.  The data is handled efficiently and is easily retrieved on demand. The Author of the system listens to you and your concerns and will customize to your business.  The main objective is to provide a valued service and product to manage your business efficiently and easily for you. 

Saves you Money:

The money spent for book keeping is less.  The training time for new employs is less.  The amount of time needed to book clients is less.  The time to process your customer and collect the monies is less. Develops email list to keep in contact with your customers with e-newsletters which will save you time and money.   

Data Entry Intuitive: (User Friendly)
I have made the data entry as simple as possible.   Naturally, the program can be tailored for your area as well.  These changes are made in the coding of the application; a service that I provide at no cost for you if you decide the Wharf Rat Reservation System 穬l work for your company.  In any business, one needs to be able to organize and retrieve data easily, securely, and quickly. The computer is the tool of choice for storing and retrieving data.  With the use of the Wharf Rat Reservation System ௲ganization is simple and easy which will save money and improve time utilization , lower skill requirements for training new employees reduces both labor costs and training time.

The Core of the program is designed to be able to create invoices, vouchers, boarding passes and other various reports.

The Auditing Modules for the System are very comprehensive. Tracking Revenues, Taxes , Customers and Inventory has never been easier. The Module  will point you to the problem invoice.  This means that you do not have to read through mountains of numbers to locate and correct the error. The Data Audit Function is comprised of a group of reports and forms that are Coded to show errors in data entry. Your Bookkeeping time is reduced.

Net working:
The program was designed to be Connectable from anywhere in the world via internet.  This allows for easily booking Customers from Remote locations , like trade shows or other remote sites to your server in your office. It also allows secure Administration of your business.

Increase Profits:
If you use your data constructively, Wharf Rat Reservation System ༿ can increase your profits.  Various graphs and tables can help you spot trends and opportunities that you might have missed. Asking your customers where they heard about your business will permit better placement of advertising dollars.  Having customers' mailing addresses will provide a mailing list with which to send "Thank You" notes and Christmas cards, etc. I have a add on Marketing Module which will increase your profits measurably. 

The program is secure because it resides on your computer (server) in your office.  You have the control as to physical access and use of your machine. Depending upon other controls, which you can use, you can can secure the internet access easily.  You have total control of your security and do not have to depend upon others . The program can also be user level password protected.

 The Wharf Rat Reservation System 硿designed with few whistles and bells:  It was designed to be a workhorse to handle your data.  It performs its function well.  I will also make minor changes to fit your specific business.  Depending upon your company's needs I can provide other features.


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