Install Instructions

this Demo is designed for Vessel operations, Please keep in mind that

there are different versions for different applications.
System Requirements:
CPU-400mhz or Faster.  (Recommend as fast as possible)
OS   -Windows 98,98SE,2000,And XP
Software- Microsoft Office Pro Suite羚nt> or Microsoft Access 2000 or later
                  You may have to update the Jet engine to Jet4sp8, and  DAO to DAO3.6

Note:  Please make sure that your computer system is up to date. This means that you have installed the latest updates from Microsoft for you operating system.  If you have not kept up to date then you may experience some problems. Also make sure you have updated your office suite as well because i keep my machine updated and sometimes it will give you error messages if your machine is not running the updates. This Database Application was constructed With MSAccess羚nt> so you must have Access 2000 or later installed on your computer to run the Application
. When running on Access 2003 you may need to disable the Macros Security and make sure you have installed the latest updates for Access 2003.

Install Instructions

Click on link to "DownLoad Demo" found below

choose to save to disk

once saved to disk then unzip

once unziped click on unziped file and access should open it

DownLoad Demo

Then create a Short cut from your Desktop to file.  You should now be ready to open Database and complete the Setup information required for Database to function.  This information is included in the User's Manual.  When this process is completed you Ready to operate Database.  I have preloaded the file with examples to help guide you.

This application has been in development and field testing for 5 years.  It was tested on Windows 98,98SE,2000, and XP.  To my knowledge there are No major bugs.  However, if you have a problem please let me know.  Also please keep in mind that if you have any questions, contact me.  The other thing to remember is that in the application the database setup form needs to be completed in order to run your static information.

Notes Hardware:

It is always better to run program on the most up-to-date hardware and Operating Systems able to run VPN connections.  VPN Connections can Be made with combination of hardware.  The easiest system is Windows XPﰥrating system.  Also Remember the Speed of any remote connection Will be dependant upon the connection hardware between Client and server.


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