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Every business owner or corporation desires to be successful.  Usually the term 壣essful�ns generating a profit.  Profit is just one measurement of success. There are number of other measures, i.e. Community involvement socially as well as economically, Training and knowledge,  sharing information which will build a strong and viable economic structure of a community or industry.  Keep in mind there are a number of different paths in which to achieve strong showing in the areas of a successful business, which do not have a nicely designed yardstick, like profits.  My purpose here is really not get deeply evolved in those areas, at this time.  What I desire to do is discuss how to work with Marketing. The Market today is Global.

I have created a add on Marketing Module which will, at the click of the mouse, generate a report to aid in determining the ROI of your Advertising budget.  You will be able to see where your customers come from and how well your advertising is working.  The reason why i created the Module is that; to extract the information you need to determine these things requires a lot of time if done by hand. The Module will sort your historical information and pull out the information and do the math to give you answers which you can use to determine your advertising mix.   

Marketing is the buzzword for sales and salesmanship.  Marketing is a science.  You are subjected to marketing every day of your normal life from radio, TV, newspaper, billboard, fashion, and many more ways to sell an item or service.  However, the basic concepts of marketing will go a long ways to improving the bottom line of your business. 


v     Identify your target market, i.e. who are your customers?

v     Where is your target market? ( Where do your customers live)

v     How do you reach your target market? ( Advertising Mix )

v     How do you convince your target market to purchase? ( What do your Customers Value)



I want this web site to be of benefit to you in more ways than just telling you about my software.  I wish for you to be able to pick up ideas, which will help you grow your business.  This page is just the beginning of that concept and I am not sure just exactly how it will all play out but with your help, I know it will be worth while. 

Here are some ideas, which you may have thought about.  If you have been in business for several cycles you have data from the past.  This data is worth gold to you.  You have address list, customer count, revenues, products sales, and other data at your fingertips.  Now the object is to analyze this information to develop trends, sales in relation to promotions, and sales in relation to such things as weather, oil prices and other outside effects.  The address list will give you good idea as to location of your market.  Sales figures will give you good idea as to average sale.  Now with that kind of information you can decide what type of advertising that you need and where to place the advertising.  Also with address list you can send holiday cards thanking your customer for a wonderful stay with you and wish them a super holiday.  Repeat customers are very important.  In this day in age you want to get an email address too. My software already includes these functions and I plan to expand it even more in the future. 


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